The Prefabrication Association of Singapore for Precast and Steel Limited (PFAPS) is founded in August 2021.
We are a non-profit organization that represents the collective interest of DfMA specialists in Singapore for the offsite prefabrication of precast and reinforcing steel, for the construction industry.

Prefabrication has played a significant role in the Built Environment especially in Singapore's nation building programme and would even be more relevant in the current and post-COVID context requiring a professional identity and an association to best represent this unique thriving community.

Currently, our voices are not well represented by existing associations (i.e. SCAL, SCI). Hence, PFAPS aims to align and collaborate ideas with government agencies and industry business partners to achieve a smart, sustainable and resilient Built Environment for Singapore.

PFAPS strives to initiate and increase adoption of productive technologies and sustainable practices in moving towards a more advanced, integrated and progressive sector. PFAPS wants to be a part of realizing the Construction Industry Transformation Map.

Vincent Ang

President, PFAPS

General Manager,
HL Building Materials Pte Ltd
Seah Kiin Peng

Vice President, PFAPS

Chief Executive Officer,
BRC Asia Limited
Tan Man Ee

Treasurer, PFAPS

Chief Operating Officer,
NatSteel Holdings Pte Ltd
Lim Siew Howe

Secretary, PFAPS

Chief Executive Officer,
Greyform Pte Ltd
Winnie Tan
Admin Manager, PFAPS

Note: President and Vice President to be manned by one each from each sub-sector respectively during any term of office, term duration of the Committee set as 2 years.

Making Prefabrication the Leading and Preferred Construction Method of Choice in the Built Environment sector in Singapore.
Advocate Wider Adoption of Prefabrication in the Construction Industry With Advanced Technologies And Innovative Solutions to Achieve A Safe, Highly Productive And Efficient Built Environment Sector.

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5 Jan 2024

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